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Nutyser, Who We Are



NUTYSER was founded on 13 April 1988 as a response to the need of providing and offering a series of high-quality services and products to livestock farmers and cooperatives at that time. Beginning at that moment, they began a period of constant and balanced growth that has not stopped and which has continued over the years.


Today that has been translated into a considerable increase in the number of products offered, covering all areas of Spain and incorporating new collaborators, services, and veterinary technicians, and thus increasing the company's portfolio of clients.

Satisfying our clients with quality has always been the foundation of our existence. We fight to aim our efforts at securing the well-being of those who trust in us through:


Nutrition that complies with biosafety.

Offering animal feed according to each client's needs.

Tracking operations to ensure that the products supplied are appropriate.

The latest in new technology to increase efficacy in products in services.

Highly experienced and qualified personnel, which allows us to guide our clients.




Our call to service based on closeness, technical knowledge and quality has led us to implement a Quality Policy and to adopt a management model which is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.